Mental Health Summit
a wellness experience
April 9, 10, 11
virtual online broadcast
Learn about mental wellness from experts. Leave image outside and focus inside.


What is the event about?
Breaking Stigma
 Despite an increase in openness about mental health issues, there is still a lingering stigma surrounding the topic.

Start and join important conversations about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, and more.
Whether it's a relationship with someone else or yourself, it's important to learn about ways to communicate and strengthen those relationships as a basis for mentally healthy living.
Coping Techniques
From meditation to medication, these sessions focus on techniques used to treat and alleviate mental health issues. 

They also explain what therapy is and how it can work for you at any point in your life.
Overall Wellness
Wellness is a process, not a destination. With the onslaught of social media and marketing efforts, it can be hard to stand strong in your sense of self. 

Learn how to navigate the space in a healthy way, love yourself for who you are, and break free from destructive patterns.
What will you get out of it?
Case Studies
A deep dive look at Mental Health from field experts. 
Practical Techniques
Actionable guidance to live wellness and cope with mental health issues.
Modern Wellness
Navigating wellness in the modern, online world.
Is the Mental Health Summit for me?


Gather insights from credentialed professionals from PhD's to RD's and everything in between.


From scientific evidence to personal growth journeys, there's a topic for everyone. Start with the basics of mental health and end each day with practical advice on how to transform your life.


Learn about and explore recent advances in mental health technology, from meditation apps to matching with a therapist right from your computer.
Who can you expect to see?
Speakers featured in:
Mental Health
April 9th
9am CST
David Susman, PhD Clinical Psychology

How to break the stigma of mental illness in a positive way

A discussion of the stigma surrounding mental illness and what we can do to advocate for change and break down barriers in a positive way.

10am CST
Laura Silverman, in long-term recovery, founder of The Sobriety Collective


A look at the struggles of addiction and the various pathways that can be taken to experience recovery. (hint: it’s not just one!)
11am CST
Steven Dziedzic, Founder of Lasting Relationship App 

The Science of Relationships

Relationships are important! Healthy relationships are as vital to your overall health as diet and exercise. Relationships in distress can lead to a variety of physical health issues and the main factor in lifelong happiness and satisfaction is maintaining long-term, warm, intimate relationships.
12pm CST
Rachael Steil, Executive Director Running in Silence Nonprofit, Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate 

Running in Silence: Athletes and Eating Disorders 

Eating disorders exist in secret and athletes with eating disorders are often overlooked because the end result is typically an improved performance. Even if you’re not an athlete, the exploration of eating disorders and recovery is important to hear.
1pm CST
Laura Murphy, Founder and Director of Vicious Cycle, Board of Directors for IAPMD (International Association for Premenstrual Disorders) Social Media Manager 

A Vicious Cycle: Making PMDD Visible 

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is a condition that affects approx 5-10% of women of reproductive age, is often misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder, and has a higher than average suicide rate. Many health care providers are still uneducated about it, so learn what is is and what you can do to advocate for yourself.

Coping Tools
April 10th
9am CST
Alyssa Petersel, LMSW, Founder and CEO at My Wellbeing 

Therapy 101

A look into all the basics of therapy - what it is, when you might need it, how to find someone right for you, and what to do when your first attempt doesn’t work.
10am CST
Davida Lederle, creator of The Healthy Maven 

Wellness AND Medication

Medication for mental health issues can be seen as taboo, especially in the wellness industry. Hear about how you can effectively balance the two and why we need to lose the stigma.

11am CST
Lise Klerekoper, LCSW, MAC, PLLC 

What’s in your toolbox?

Coping with mental health issues requires insight and tools to manage your own well being. Learn practical and helpful skills to draw on when things get tough, allowing yourself to have more control over your emotional health.
12pm CST
Briana Bragg, Founder of Vacation of the Mind 

Intro to meditation

Learn what meditation is, why it’s beneficial for emotional and mental health issues, and how you can do it from the comfort of your home in just minutes a day!
1pm CST
Kat Dahlen, MA, LMFT 

Holistic therapy

An exploration of holistic therapy, which weaves together Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality, infusing sessions with practices to assist you in developing self compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body awareness.
Wellness Industry
April 11th
9am CST
Lauren McPhillips, creator of This Renegade Love 

Stress, anxiety, and working for yourself

Working for yourself is often a dream for many, but what isn’t always discussed is the isolation that comes along with it. Learn what to expect from working solo and how to manage stress and anxiety symptoms as they come up.
10am CST
Nicole Groman, MS, RDN, CDN

Intuitive eating and the Body Over Mind movement 

Diet culture in today’s society can be extremely damaging. Hear from a registered dietitian about the “Body Over Mind” movement - having faith that your body will tell you what it needs, what it doesn't, when it's had too much, or if it hasn't had enough.
11am CST
Georgie Morley, creator of In It 4 The Long Run 

Self care

The concept of self care is often misunderstood as external acts for yourself. True self care is a mindset and a shift in thinking in order to take care of your entire self. See why self care and recovery is more than bubble baths and shopping sprees.
12pm CST
Sarah Nicole Landry, creator of The Birds Papaya 

How to change your relationship with yourself for the better

A great example of why the outside doesn’t tell the whole picture. Sarah’s story of massive weight loss was an inspiration to many, but she felt broken inside. See how she built a loyal following by becoming vulnerable with her audience, finding a healthy set point, and embracing everything that made her unique.
1pm CST
Erin Bahadur, CPT, founder and CEO of Erin’s Inside Job 

Thanks for sharing

Our stories are so important in connecting and identifying with others. We realize we aren't alone. We realize that our thoughts, feelings, and experiences are shared by more people than we thought. It's only through sharing those stories and struggles that we can truly improve ourselves and make it easier for others to improve as well.
What is the community saying?
If you are feeling "a little off," you are not alone. Over 90% of Americans experience work-related stress...I am grateful to participate in this year's Mental Health Summit to contribute to the conversation around prioritizing taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing, and to add my voice to #endthestigma.

   Alyssa Petersel, LMSW, Founder & CEO My Wellbeing
If you are feeling "a little off," you are not alone. 

Over 90% of Americans experience work-related stress that interferes with their day-to-day, 1 in 4 Americans express experiencing a mental health disorder, and over half of the Millennial population specifically does not know where to begin to find care, or drops out of care prematurely because they don't feel a strong fit. 

One sure way to reduce feelings of isolation and learn practical, tangible approaches to feeling better is to talk about how we're doing and to connect with others who are here to help.

I am grateful to participate in this year's Mental Health Summit to contribute to the conversation around prioritizing taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing, and to add my voice to #endthestigma.

Alyssa Petersel, LMSW, Founder & CEO My Wellbeing
About the host

Erin Bahadur is a recovering addict, certified personal trainer, and influencer in the health and wellness space.

She has written for such publications as the Huffington Post and Refinery 29, as well as being featured on other media outlets from podcasts, television shows, and speaking forums.  

She is passionate about helping others realize their potential and understand that their true value comes from the inside rather than out. Later diagnosed with depression following her addiction, she works to help break the stigma around mental health issues and start the conversation about more effective ways to heal.
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